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WordPress intallation visual guide

While I was out searching for WordPress blogging resources, blogging tips and blogging tools I came upon a graphic wordpress blogging tutorial that will be of interest to brand new self-hosting wordpress bloggers.

I’ve created the Visual Guide to Installing WordPress for the Complete Novice because the tutorials and guides I’ve seen just haven’t shown as much detail as I think a person new to installing WordPress would like to see. Please note that this is the method I use. There are different situations, hosts, operating systems, and personal preferences for different people, so this guide can’t possibly cover it all, but I hope it helps.

Also, this guide assumes that you are using Windows XP and are uploading your files with an FTP (file transfer protocol) program to your hosting provider. This is what I use, so that is what the photos will reflect.

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  2. Thanks for the comment and link to my tutorial:) You and your readers may also be interested in my latest (and largest) development project to date. It’s called IndieLab and can be found here

    Free WordPress-based blogs, with media tools built-in!

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