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Tutorial: Setting up a self-hosted blog

I’m both a blogger and a self-hosting wordpress blogger too. This morning I found a great tutorial for self hosting wordpress bloggers using Linux. It’s titled:
Tutorial: Setup a Totally Free, Self-Hosted Blog

sendderek says:
“This tutorial is intended to help guide new web masters (like myself) in getting their own totally free, self-hosted blog up and running. I’m using Fedora 8 to accomplish this, but your distribution of Linux is probably very similar. In fact, a great guide for Ubuntu is located here on their wiki. …”

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7 thoughts on “Tutorial: Setting up a self-hosted blog

  1. Hi there-
    I’m not sure where to ask this?
    I’ve recently started self-hosting w/ WP. I uploaded and then imported my XML file.
    All my comments are there in the admin panel under comments, BUT they are not showing up on the individual posts that they were originally written for. Each post says “No comments” even though the comments did import. They somehow lost their ‘link’ to their respective posts. Any ideas?

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  3. The link above has been moved. Please refer to the following link for the new location: new link
    The old link will still be functional, but it will no longer be updated and the ability to leave comments has been disabled.

    Derek Hildreth

    A note to the publisher: If it isn’t too much to ask for, will you please update your link to the one provided above and then delete this comment if you wish. Thanks in advance!

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