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Free Image Hosting Services

photocollage.jpgUpdated March 22, 2010

There are many free image hosting services that you can use to store your blog photos. Below is a list of just some providers. Please make sure to click through to the sites and to carefully read the Terms and Conditions in each case. Also note that some image hosts provide for both free and paid accounts. can help you to Host all your Blog Photos, Share Pics with your Family, Create Photo Galleries and Host your Auction Photos. Filename extensions allowed: gif, jpg, bmp, png Filesize limit: 3,000KB. is mainly for people who don’t want to use their own bandwidth to share images. You may not link or embed images hosted by Free Image Hosting on commercial websites. However, you may link or embed images hosted by this service in personal emails and webpages, message board posts, social networking profiles, and online auctions. Registration is not required, but creating an account lets you manage your uploads and use other extra features. Adult rated images are not allowed and will be removed.

  • Upload Unlimited Images
  • Share Images With Anyone, Anywhere
  • Reliable Hosting For Auctions & Websites
  • Create Image Portfolios
  • Create slide shows
  • Create auction image galleries
  • Disk Space
  • 100mb/month Bandwidth
  • Branding On Your Images

imageshack – easy-to-use free media hosting service for uploading images, flash files, and movies. You can upload as many files as you want but each image you upload must be less than 1.5 megabytes in size. If it is greater than that amount, your image will be optimized for internet use. Flash files will be rejected if they are over 1.5 mb. Video files must be less than 50MB and they will be automatically optimized by the ImageShack toolbar before uploading. ImageShack does allow embedding files into web pages. However, in order for ImageShack to continue to provide free image hosting, we ask that you do not modify the linking code in any way.

PhotoBucket – free image hosting company for ebay, online auctions, classifieds, message boards, blogs, live journals, and online photo albums. Easily upload, categorize, add titles and delete images. Direct linking is allowed, and there are tutorials for directlinking images on eBay auctions, MySpace, and Xanga. You can upload up to 20 pictures at once and images larger than 1 MB are automatically scaled down. The BucketStamp is a dynamic imaging tool for you to share multiple images in a single link combined with some animation, a form of photo gallery for your pictures. 1 GB storage space; 25 GB/month bandwidth; 1MB (1024KB) file size limit; Extensions allowed: .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .swf (Flash files); Images must not contain any weird characters (numbers and letters only). The uploader converts bmp and tif to jpg. You can view the most recently uploaded pictures.

Users in the UK have the ability to take any of their images or photos and publish to their mobile phone. You can optionally upload images via a regular email address. Now features free video hosting too — users can upload, share, and publish video clips free up to 3 minutes long and 100 MB filesize (5 minutes in length if you are a premium user).

Photobucket has partnered with FilmLoop to make it easy for users to instantly create their own photo “loops” from existing image albums by simply clicking on the “Loop It!” button/icon in their photoalbum. FilmLoop is a free photo broadcasting (“photocasting”) network/application that lets you broadcast photo “loops” to all your friends and family, displaying the photos in a “loop” on your computer.

50 thoughts on “Free Image Hosting Services

  1. Thanks for the info. The problem was that I had very high res files from my wedding and had a lot of them to upload. I deleted a lot of them but it just didn’t seem like a sustainable way to upload photos in the long term. It also seems to take a VERY long time to upload each photo one by one and I’m wishing there was a way to insert a bunch at once and then fill in the text. There seems like there has to bean easier/faster way.

    • You can upload images in bulk. If you want to preserve image quality then resize the images prior to uploading them so they aren’t “cropped”.

      With wordpress’s flash uploader (which is the default, you can choose multiple images to upload, although I would typically suggest keeping it to 10 or less at a time. Sometimes with slow internet connections it will produce a timeout and not all the images will upload.

  2. Hi timethief,

    I have just started a blog and am so new to all of this. I tried uploading pics via wordpress and am already at my limit. I am thinking I need to make them smaller file sizes and find hosting elsewhere. I did flickr too but am at my monthly limit. What is the online free hosting site taht you recommend for bloggers?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Amanda,
      As every blog comes with come with 3000 megabytes (~3 GBs) of space for storing uploaded files and images I’m surprised you have filled that space already. The Space Upgrade gives you an additional 5, 15, 25, 50, or 100 gigabytes of storage space. See here >

      I don’t recommend one free image hosting site over the other. That way I’m not in a position to be taking any flack from bloggers who may have negative experiences.

  3. if you’re interested in look into a free & open source solution, try a Gallery 2 multisite at [] we don’t embed advertising which means a clean, clutter free presentation of your photo collection.

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  5. I deleted my PhotoBucket account when I found my email address on pipl dot com. It came from them. PhotoBucket is the reason I’ve got spam mail. I’ll never forgive them for that. Disqus is doing the same thing. Never comment on a site that uese Disqus.

  6. the Best Service for Image Upload:

    Use []

    more Space,more Traffic,no Spam,no Popup shit

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  8. i use [] and i am very happy with them
    1) they are free
    2) unlimited bandwidth and disk space
    3) online image editor and few other futures .
    For my current ebay work this site is ideal

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