Copyright: Fair Use Limitations

Jonathan Bailey of the Blog Herald writes:

“When it comes to matters of copyright, many bloggers are simply asking for trouble and don’t realize that they are doing so. They take images and put them in their entries without a thought to where they got them, they take articles, in whole or large part, without a thought to who wrote wrote it and tell themselves that their copying of the content is protected by fair use. … This causes many bloggers, especially new ones, to put themselves in risk that they never would have otherwise.
Read the full article at this link.

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5 thoughts on “Copyright: Fair Use Limitations

  1. Hi Ian,
    It’s good to hear from you too. My tumblr blog is a “notes” blog. I keep the links and basic ideas in those short posts on that blog and then I link them to the full posts that I place in this blog. If you want to read the full posts then it’s this blog that you will find them in and this blog’s feed that you will follow. If you want to see in advance which topics I’m researching and will be posting about here then you can follow the tumblr feed.

    Actually tumblr blogs are different from blogs. They are meant to be scrapbook and aggregation blogs hence, the lack of commenting ability. I’m finally catching on to how to use them effectively.

  2. TT! It’s so great to hear from you again. How are you? I was following your tumblr blog via feed and sometimes wanted to comment, h’ver… no comments allowed. Thanks for the link back!

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