Play it again, Sam: No Adsense, No Advertising

Update: September 18th, 2008. If you are willing to shell out 30 credits per year for an upgrade then the long awaited option of having an ad-free blog has just been announced.
“Will there ever be ads allowed on blogs?”
It’s a question that is frequently posted to the forum and, it’s often posted on weekends when staff are scarcely seen. It’s usually posted by a blogger, who has not located the FAQs and is not aware of the following:

(1) blogger initiated advertising is not allowed on blogs;

(2) the only exceptions made are for VIP bloggers;

(3) is already running adsense on our blogs and, on the global tag pages.

Most importantly, it’s a question that volunteers answering forum questions do not have the answer to. The volunteers answering questions on the forum are your fellow bloggers. They, of course, do not have any role to play in the formulation of Auttomattic’s corporate policy for and, they are not any more in the know about corporate policy development than the bloggers posting such questions are. support hours are Mondays – Fridays from 8 AM – 4PM (Pacific)

There is a blue “support” button that you can click on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page in your blog during support hours and to put your question to them. But, don’t hold your breath while waiting for a reply.

I think we can intuit that any IT corporation with over 1 million users is not going to leak information about a new policy to one blogger at a time. It seems more reasonable to assume that news of such a change will be made by way of a public announcement delivered by Automattic’s management.

It also seems reasonable that if you are a blogger who wishes to have a monetized blog, that you will be better served by hiring a web host (it’s not expensive) and downloading the free software from

At the very top of the forum there is a sticky post titled “ and the difference”. There is also another entry in the FAQs

And, if you scroll to the very bottom of the Feature page I have linked to and look for “Advertising”.

Reference: Types of Blogs

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3 thoughts on “Play it again, Sam: No Adsense, No Advertising

  1. Of course it’s not the place to be if your intend to make an income from blogging. What blows my mind is that people keep harping on the forum about it. Obviously they aren’t very deep thinkers because there are over 3 million bloggers and will not be giving up that advertising income. Instead the whiners and moaners could hire a web host very inexpensively and download free software and then plaster their sites with opportunistic advertising as so many others do.

  2. Advertising is very important to serious publishers.

    This alone should make it clear that isn’t the best alternative for blogging if you plan to make a living off of it (yes, it’s entirely possible).

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