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Planning to self-host your blog?

Update:  December 2008: Please see: Become a blogger free video tutorials

If you are a blogger who is considering self hosting your own blog then I would like to recommend a series:

“Going self-hosted with WordPress : A Wolfie Guide”

To self-host or not to self-host?
Plug-ins for WordPress

Of Blogrolls and Widgets
Why Go Self-Hosted?
Hosting Sites

“People start to worry when you talk about self-hosting; they look at you as if you’re talking some sort of strange, new foreign language. They assume that it’s really technical and they won’t be able to do it, or they assume that it’s really expensive and it’s not worth it. I’ll be honest, it’s not the ideal solution for everyone but it doesn’t have to be technical and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The question you need to ask yourself is whether your blog is worth a little bit of effort to learn some new skills and perhaps install a new piece of software? There are things that does for you at the moment that you will have to do for yourself if you move – are you prepared to put in that extra bit of work for the extra freedom you’ll get? Can you handle a little bit of FTP?” Wolfie

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  2. @orphanrescuer
    I’m not capable of insuring that the blogger who has the pdf has a working link to it. I’m also not prepared to email answers to bloggers with respect to broken links and fixing links on the blogs of others so I hope you do come back to find this.

    Thanks for letting me know the link did not work. The good news is I simply typed self-hosting into the searchbox on his blog and found another link which I have connected above.

  3. The link to the PDF is not working. Please notify me when it is reconnected. Thanks!

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