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Shutterchance: Free photoblogs and a supportive community bloggers frequently ask for a photoblog theme to be developed and have been doing so for over a year. For those who are tired of waiting IMHO the best place to go is

With the Standard Account (free) you get the following:

  • your own photoblog at http://
  • get a personalised homepage, which will be your niche on the internet
  • guest book on every photo to receive unlimited comments from your viewers
  • interact with your users to get personalised feedback and critiques and reply to their comments
  • unlimited transfer allowance tuned for heavy photo traffic
  • your photoblog will never be suspended for exceeding a transfer allowance
  • stylish webgallery to showcase your photos
  • a website is like a photo frame.
  • easy control over your blog using our blog management system
  • everything you need to administer your photoblog is just a click away
  • automatic generation of feeds (rss 1.0, rss 2.0, atom)
  • viewers can track your photoblog with their favourite reader so they know when it’s updated
  • usage of many innovative beneficial tools such as ShMood, photo queuing, tags, etc.
  • in response to users feedback, new specific features developed
  • automatic sign up to shutterchance forums
  • extend interaction between shutterchance members and other people into the forums
  • upgradeable at any point to a Premium Account