Opt-Out Comment Spam Warning

Devblog has done a lot of “free” work helping people with css editing on the wordpress.com support forum. In addition, he has created a very cool email image encoder to help us elude spam bots. It’s one stop shopping. You can munge your email address and create an image. The choice of font type and size, as well as image type is up to you.

Well today he posted a heads up article Opting-out from Spam Comments. This post warns bloggers about a new technique opt-out comment technique that spammers are using.

Maybe this is a new way for them to try to harvest your email address since their spam bots can’t get it because you either are using a contact form, have it encoded or it’s being displayed in an image. Whatever the reason, these bastards are always looking for a way to send you their unwanted crap.

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