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From the forum
A blogger has an excellent post that I would like to recommend for reading and bookmarking WordPress Forums : some helpful things to know before posting

Another blogger has also come up with a work around that has been included in the FAQs under the title of Can I have a Twitter badge?

An issue has arisen again with regard to the lack of searchability for static blog Pages. The search box ignores sidebar links and Page content and bloggers are seeking a workaround for this. The best I could come up with was this:

Google indexes blog Pages as well as blog posts. And, the way to be sure your Page content gets indexed is to periodically write posts with links back to the Pages in them.

If any other blogger has a better idea please share it on the forum.

The problem with sploggers helping themselves to whole blog posts, as well as, plagarism continued and more threads relating to this issue appeared on the forum. An instructional post on how to proceed with a complaint or with a DMCA complaint proved to be very useful. Staff directed bloggers to Automattic’s DMCA information however, most sploggers were not posting to free hosted blogs.

There were also bloggers who reported they were having problems with Pages and Sub-pages and, more Sub-pages and, Orphaned Pages. This led us to believe that perhaps staff had been doing some work in the background.

Enhanced rss feeds were introduced on December 18th but the copyright notice is yet to come. Donncha:

Today, your feed can be supercharged with the following fine feed widgets:

  1. Comment Count
  2. Categories
  3. Tags
  4. “Add to” link
  5. “Digg it!” link
  6. “Stumble it!” link

Comment Count is turned on by default but you can switch all the features on or off as you please. This is what your blog will look like in a news reader with everything turned on.

From the feeds
Several posts that I would like to recommend:
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