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Google analytics and statistics

Update: September 3, 2010

Staff have stated in this entry that we cannot have Google Analytics See here >

We can use non-javascript third party stats programs on our blogs only as the software will strip javascript code out. See here >

Here are  links to reviews of the non-javascript third party stats programs we can use on blogs:

  1. Visitor tracking on blogs
  2. Real time visitor tracking (non-JavaScript) for blogs
  3. getclicky real time stats for blogs
  4. Two free unique visitor counters for blogs

Google Analytics is free, powerful tool for tracking your website statistics. In early May, Google raised the bar again, launching a major upgrade to Google Analytics, featuring a slick new user interface and vastly improved features for slicing and dicing data and making comparisons across time and between sections of your site.

Not surprisingly bloggers do show up on the forum who want to use Google analytics. However, bloggers are sharing a multi-user blogging platform. Only one Google urchin script can be run on a any site at any time and, WordPress already runs Google analytics on our blogs to determine our blog stats. bloggers do not have access to Google analytics that run on our blogs and, while it’s true that we can have 3rd party stats meters, they will not give you referrers as we can cannot use the counters that rely on javascript. We can only use html stat counters on blogs.

Can I have a stat counter on my blog?

Can I use javascript on my blog?

If you feel that this information is critical to your blogging experience then please note that there is another wordpress option for you. You can hire a web host and download free software.

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