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Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer (IE) by Microsoft is the most common Internet browser today. IE was introduced in 1995 and passed Netscape in popularity in 1998.
Netscape was the first commercial Internet browser. It was introduced in 1994. Netscape gradually lost its popularity to Internet Explorer.
The Mozilla Project has grown from the ashes of Netscape. Browsers based on Mozilla code is the second largest browser family on the Internet today, representing about 30% of the Internet community.
Firefox is a new browser from Mozilla. It was released in 2004 and has grown to be the second most popular browser on the Internet.
Opera is another Internet browser. It is known to be fast and small, standards-compliant, and available for many operating systems. Opera is the preferred browser for a number of small devices like mobile phones and hand-held computers.

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Firefox Browser Tips: A Handbook For “Power Use” of The Hottest New Browser Today

Tutorial: IE8 Web Browser Tips

Browser Compatibility Tutorial


2 thoughts on “Browser Tutorials

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  2. Hi there,
    I have used the the Firefox Browser tips most of all. I used the IE and Firefox tutorials when helping my other half who has only recently got a computer and who has no computing skills to speak of. My girlfriend who blogs at too used the Netscape one. Lastly I thought nothing would be lost by posting the links to the others.

    When I got my first computer it was a windows OS that had an Opera browser as well as IE5. I used both but preferred IE. When my computer crashed I rented computer time at a local venue. The computer I worked on there was equipped with both IE 6 and Firefox. After week of using Firefox and seeing how well blogs were rendered in it, as well as, being introduced to tabbed browsing I became a convert. When I got my repaired computer back I used Firefox almost exclusively. And when I got my new computer which came with IE6 the first download I made was a Firefox browser. There are a wide selection of Firefox extensions and addons and I have used some of them. However, I’m not adding on others at this time because I’m worried about “browse bloat.” I currently have an IE7 browser that I also use from time to time but there’s no doubt about it, I’m a Firefox fan. :)

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