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Meebo and

The only chat widget allowed on blogs at this time is the meebo widget.

The code is obtained from going to the meebo website and registering there. It’s 3 step process to create your sidebar widget and setup an account with them. After the 3rd step there will be a box to copy the code you need to put into your sidebar widget.

  1. Log into your WP admin -> Appearance -> Widgets.  Click “add” on the meebo widget and it will appear in your sidebar.
  2. Open the  widget and  copy the code that you got from into it.
  3. After you have pasted the code in  click “Save Changes”.

6 thoughts on “Meebo and

  1. @honesty4issac
    The meebo widget is the only chat widget that can be used on a blog. What you can add to a free hosted blog is only html in text widgets. We cannot edit our underlying templates because they are shared by with everyone else using the same theme on the multiuser blogging platform.
    Also javascript of flash as they will stripped out by the software to preserve security. If you want complete control over your template, you’re probably better off running self hosted a installation on a web host of your own.

  2. I’m sorry but I cannot help you. I do not use the meebo widget myself and therefore I have not done any troubleshooting. In order to secure help you must post to the meebo support forum. If that does not provide you with an answer then you can contact staff on Monday between the hours of 8AM – 4PM (Pacific time) by using the “support” link on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page. If those times are not workable for you, then you can email Best wishes for a happy outcome.

  3. i added a meebo code before in my meebo widget but now i want to change the code into meebo chatbox but i can’t do tis! Your Meebo code has been saved. every time i get this plz some one help me

  4. can you please list any blogs which has used this chat widget on their site? i want to learn what is it and how it works in action.
    and fyi: some of the catogories in your site such as,pagerank,rss and atom fee,themes etc are not working..just so u know.

  5. I do not have a list of blogs using the meebo widget. I assume if you use the support forum searchbox and type in “meebo” you will find other bloggers who are using it and can contact them directly.

    The rss feeds on my blog are working
    entries –
    comments –

    This is a new blog that has not as yet achieved a page rank. I have only been posting in it for a short time. But the page link in the sidebar is working fine


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