Promote Your Blog: Increase Traffic

Updated November 23rd, 2014. I think this Beginner’s Guide will be helpful if you are looking for basic how to’s. I can also recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn  tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series.

In a nutshell promoting your blog will be more effective if you:

  1. Verify ownership of  your blog with the major search engines- makes search engine verification easy; and note the factors that expedite search engine indexing of your content — OMG! I can’t find my blog on Google
  2. Link your username to your blog;
  3. Employ basic blog promotion strategies like creating an About page and including a blog description on it;
  4. Create blog title and tagline that define your brand;
  5. Focus on content creation – regularly publish high quality, original content posts and build a faithful readership;
  6. Tag your posts with categories that are specific to the topics in the blog post;
  7. Invest time and energy into relationship building by leaving meaningful comments on other blogs, in forums and on websites related to your blogging topics;
  8. Use in house promotion opportunities;
  9. Join social media sites like Twitter and other social networks and display sharing icons or buttons below your posts for visitors to use.

35 thoughts on “Promote Your Blog: Increase Traffic

  1. thank you so, so much! Over the last 6 months, I had been doing my homework on branding, but there was a gaping hole, and that was the specific social media sites. I followed your link to wikipedia, and printed out that list. Then I found the Communities list. Now I have a map of the virtual world, one that no longer requires how to think about the edge of the universe. (Good show on Science channel, with Morgan Freeman, on this subject. But you are a busy lady!)
    Again, thank you. I marvel at your breadth of knowledge. Sweet tides, Linda

  2. Hello,
    thanks for sharing your expertise! I was wondering if you can lose your traffic after you register a domain – thus changing the url of your wordpress blog..

    1. You may lose some traffic but how much if any at all is hard to predict. The reason we purchase domain mapping is so resders clicking the root blog URLs are seamlessly redirected to the new domain URLs. For more information read these posts:

  3. Thank you for these tips. Some of these social network was unknown to me (furl and fark). Now just a lot of patient is needed and of course leaving comments on other blogs and so.

  4. Hello from Ukraine,

    Very helpful information.

    And, as you see, I have listened you, I’m ” investing time and energy into leaving a meaningful comment on another blog”

    I will no go off to my WP admin page and do some tune ups, thanks to your tips.


    Marina – Ukraine.

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