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Updated: November 3rd, 2014. Every day new bloggers arrive in the support forum looking for help either to set up their new blogs or the blogs they have imported from other blog hosts. I’m publishing links to some resources that those who are new to may find useful.

Welcome to

(1) Before you begin to blog I recommend that you read this entry “I’m new to blogging. Where do I start?

(2) The features page provides a useful overview too.

(3) Please be sure to look into the types of blogs allowed at as well as the provisions of the Terms of Service and the policies on advertising.

(4) Bookmark this link to Support Documentation as there is a search box there that I predict you will be using frequently. The documentation includes screencasts that will assist you in following step by step instructions.

(5) Bookmark this link to the support forums as well because the search box is full of information and it’s going to become your friend in no time at all. Note that offers a number of options for getting support.  Before posting to the support forums the sticky post at the head of the forum eight things to know before posting to the forum is a must read. And, In the event that volunteers answering forum questions cannot help you, then here’s the link to contact support.

(6) Another important entry to read is or – the differences is a comparison of and services found in the support documentation.

(7) The tag pages will help you find other bloggers who are blogging on the same subjects and using the same category tags. Here’s an example of how to access the tag pages. Note that the last word or category can be changed but the rest of the url remains the same.

(8) You may find the Learn Tutorial and in house blog promotion to be helpful as well.

Happy Blogging!

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    • i agree with you….that’s also a reason why I switched to switched to WordPress. Later, I’ll switch to

  2. I’m just beginning my journey into blogging, thanks for such an awesome blog. I see this is an
    invaluable resource.



  3. This post was written prior to the upgrade and complete change in the dashboard which will change again on November 10th. I have dropped an email address into your BC shoutbox and I will coach you via email. Get familiar with the content in the FAQs. They are excellent.

  4. Very useful. Since I’m back to the beginning I felt I probably should go back to the beginning of this blog. WordPress is a little more complex than blogger but I must say it looks a lot more professional and less cartoony.

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